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Find our exclusive designs and awarded artwork all in one digital gallery for your enjoyment. Leave us your feedback, share your comments and ideas.

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My Story

my story

All of my life I have loved art.
My feelings and personality are reflected in the colors, textures and variety of materials I use. My creations are characterized by the wide palette of colors in them.
My objective is to show meaning in each piece I create, and for each person who chooses my artistic products to feel like they were designed especially for them.

Siempre he estado motivada a realizar Arte.
Intento reflejar mis vivencias en colores, texturas y
materiales variados, aplicandolas en cada uno d mis trabajos.
Mi trabajo se caracteriza por el variado colorido y textura que uso en todas mis obras.
Siento que cada material obtiene un significado al ser convertido en una pieza de arte.
Es asi como disfruto que las personas usen mis productos dise├▒ados particularmente para cada uno.

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